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WELCOME to The Taxi Drivers Guide To San Francisco .com a tool and soon to be published travel guide to the city by the bay. I have been a San Francisco taxicab driver for the past 24 years and would like to share my experiences, travel tips and things to do in San Francisco.

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San Francisco, is ranked #1 in the nation for being the ideal city for walking, hiking, or sightseeing on foot. However, when the winds and rain start pouring down and the temperature drops sometimes you might be in need of taxi transportation. Read More >>

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The goal of this website is to save the reader time, and money and make their visit rememberable and safe.   The weather in San Francisco is ever changing the first travel tip is to bring a sweater as well as summer wear.   Often times the temperature  changes 10 degrees from day to night not to mention wind and rain.  The city of San Francisco is 7 miles long and 7 miles wide.   Things to do in San Francisco I recommend as a taxidriver are as follows:     Alcatraz Island   the most famous fomer Federal Prison in history:  This prison housed Al  CoponeMachine Gun Kelley, and the “Bird Man of Alcatraz“.   Haight Ashbury the ground zero area for the start of the 1960′s counterculture movement .   The area now known as The Haight was where Charles Manson recruited his followers.  The 1960′s greats such as Big Brother and the Holding Company, Jefferson Starship and many others formed in this historical area of San Francisco.    The Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Park and the Painted Ladies are a must see.   The cable car system in San Francisco is affordable, safe, and fun video yourself and send a picture home to your friends and stop off in Chinatown for some great Asian Food.

Bay Area News

"There is no neighborhood in this city I am afraid to go to," Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said Wednesday in announcing her campaign for a second four-year term. Quan may be fearless in the city streets, but she's got some daunting opposition. She faces 20 challengers in November, including Councilwomen Rebecca Kaplan and Libby Schaaf, San Francisco State Professor Joe Tuman and civil rights attorney Dan Siegel. Quan also identified dozens of supporters, including Gary Yee, former Oakland schools chief, and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.
Author: Will Kane
Posted: July 30, 2014, 11:58 pm
An Oakland police officer who was fired after he lobbed a tear-gas canister into a group of people trying to help an Iraq War veteran who had been struck in the head by a police beanbag has won his job back through arbitration, his attorney said Wednesday. Olsen, 26, was among more than 1,000 demonstrators protesting the police clearing of an Occupy encampment outside City Hall when he was struck by a flexible baton round - commonly known as a beanbag - at 14th Street and Broadway. After Olsen was struck and was lying on the ground bleeding, Roche lobbed a tear-gas canister into a group trying to help him, an incident that was filmed by a TV news crew and others. Oakland police fired Roche, saying he had used unreasonable force when there was no immediate threat to officers and that he had violated the department's policy on use of tear gas.
Author: Henry K. Lee
Posted: July 30, 2014, 11:47 pm
The state's plan to build a pair of 35-mile tunnels under the Delta would cause the extinction of winter-run Chinook salmon, steep declines in dozens of other species and devastate water quality in San Francisco Bay, an environmental group said Wednesday. The purpose is to improve water flow throughout the 1,100-square-mile Delta; reduce reliance on old, crumbling levees; and ultimately increase water allocations to farms and consumers in central and southern California. [...] according to the Bay Institute and other environmental groups, the tunnels will leave northern parts of the Delta saltier, warmer and with less water- a death sentence for migrating fish. [...] the plan would improve conditions for salmon by reducing the number sucked into the pumps and providing better water circulation throughout the region, she said. The Bureau of Reclamation, among other agencies, is looking at broader issues related to water supplies and global warming.
Author: Carolyn Jones, San Francisco Chronicle
Posted: July 30, 2014, 9:48 pm
The Oakland City Council voted late Tuesday to scrap a plan that called for a gradual increase in the city's minimum wage for nonprofits and small businesses, instead leaving it up to the voters to consider a more aggressive proposal in November. The resolution, which was voted down 5-3 by the council, had called for Oakland to raise the city's minimum wage more slowly than a competing plan called Lift Up Oakland that will appear on the November ballot. Critics worry that Lift Up Oakland, which would increase the hourly base wage by 36 percent - from $9 to $12.25 - starting March 1, could have the unintended consequence of forcing nonprofit job-training programs to assist fewer teens and other job seekers, as well as suffocating small businesses or send them fleeing outside the city. Ballot measure supporters have cited a study by the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education, which found that raising Oakland's minimum wage would benefit 48,000 workers. Gary Jimenez, president of the Lift Up Oakland Coalition, said 33,682 people had signed a petition to put the wage increase on the ballot.
Author: Will Kane
Posted: July 30, 2014, 1:01 pm
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Posted: July 30, 2014, 5:07 am
San Francisco voters will weigh in on aggressive housing development goals and a minimum wage hike that would bring the city's base pay to $15 an hour by 2018, the highest in the nation, after the Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to place both measures on the November ballot. The board also voted unanimously to place a policy statement on the fall ballot that would set specific housing development goals for the city, including Lee's aggressive plan to build or rehabilitate 30,000 housing units by 2020. Kim, backed by affordable housing advocates and developers, had initially planned to put a controversial measure on the ballot that would have forced market rate developers to submit to a time-consuming review process anytime the amount of affordable housing in the city's development pipeline slipped below 30 percent. The resolution by Supervisor David Campos stated that the board would consider a $3.4 million supplemental appropriation, or a 0.75 percent increase for nonprofit workers, if city revenue from the fiscal year that just ended is above expectations in the coming months. Kathrin Moore, an architect and expert in urban design, was reappointed for a third term to the Planning Commission; Dennis Richards, a longtime Castro District and Duboce Triangle community activist, was named to the Planning Commission; and Bobbie Wilson, an intellectual property attorney, was appointed to the Board of Appeals.
Author: Marisa Lagos
Posted: July 30, 2014, 5:07 am
In particular, the department installed a computer system that can track the activity of police officers and warn commanders about officers who use excessive force, Warshaw wrote. The department is in compliance with 17 of the 22 tasks required in the 2003 reform plan that settled a lawsuit accusing four Oakland police officers of running roughshod over residents of West Oakland. In a statement, Whent said the Police Department "remains committed to making the necessary adjustments to bring the remaining tasks into full compliance."
Author: Will Kane
Posted: July 30, 2014, 5:07 am
(07-29) 17:37 PDT UNION CITY -- A technology company warehouse in Union City was hit by thieves sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning. The reported loss: more than $500,000 worth of phone chargers, according to company officials. Brian Westphal, chief marketing officer of UNU Electronics, said he left the company's warehouse off Union City Boulevard just after 8 p.m. Monday. When he returned around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, he saw two wood pallets leaning up against the large metal loading doors near the back of the building. When he pulled the pallets away he found a 2-foot by 3-foot hole cut through the sheet metal and three pallets full of phone chargers and accessories gone, he said.
Author: Kale Williams
Posted: July 30, 2014, 12:38 am
What they were saying was that because Hamm wasn't in the front of the pack her time couldn't be compared to those runners who were at the front of the pack and crossed the finish line first. The other 26,000 runners, including Hamm, were recorded by their "chip" time, meaning how quickly they ran from the starting line to the finish based on a computer tracking chip. Hamm, based on the official results, ran a faster total time and a faster average pace, but the head start allowed the first finisher to get to the line more than three minutes sooner. [...] it's a problem that big city road races need to fix. In 2008, New York schoolteacher Arien O'Connell posted the fastest time in the San Francisco Nike Women's Marathon, only to be told that she couldn't be recognized as the winner because she wasn't running in the group of elite runners. PattiSue Plumer, who was an NCAA champion at Stanford and member of the U.S. Olympic team in 1988 and 1992, is the cross-country coach at Gunn High School in Palo Alto. A race or a time trial?"Are we racing or are we having a massive time trial?" Plumer says. "Though she did run a faster time, she did not make it over the (finish line) before first-second-third place, meaning she is not the official winner," Barresi wrote in an e-mail. Hamm, who has run 18 half marathons and two marathons - running fast enough to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon - is a top-flight runner. Road races need to establish an "open" or "timed" category.
Author: C.W. Nevius
Posted: July 30, 2014, 12:01 am
The New York Internet company's revelation follows news earlier this month that Facebook let researchers change news feeds to see how it would affect users' moods. "Every company is trying to influence consumers to purchase their product or feel a particular way about their company," says Kit Yarrow, consumer psychologist at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants have long used data drawn from customer loyalty programs, satisfaction surveys and exit interviews, to figure out how to best target consumers. Alex and Ani, a New York jewelry and accessories maker that runs its own stores and also sells goods at department stores nationwide, works with technology company Prism Skylabs to use data taken from video footage to create so-called heat maps. Once the company has the traffic patterns, they also evaluate time stamps on receipts and other point-of-sale information in an effort to create a profile of what types of people are shopping in the store and customize products to them. "In the past, we would have used a gut feeling or anecdotal evidence, more low-tech ways to determine whether or not we should move the escalator," says Stephanie Shriver-Engdahl, vice president of digital strategy. The key to conducting studies without sparking outrage - both online and offline - is transparency, says marketing expert Allen Adamson, managing director of branding firm Landor Associates.
Author: Associated Press
Posted: July 29, 2014, 11:53 pm
Planners for a new, largely privately financed Oakland Raiders stadium are considering something even more ambitious than the towering seats of Mount Davis - a retractable or transparent roof. Sources involved in putting a proposal together tell us that, given the $900 million to $1.2 billion cost of a new stadium, they're aiming for a building that can host not just sporting events but also concerts, conventions and other functions that require dry weather. The clock is ticking down on Quan's promise to have a new Raiders stadium deal worked out by summer's end. Having bailed on his run for secretary of state, suspended state Sen. Leland Yee is using his healthy campaign account to pay the legal bills he's running up in his federal criminal case. There is one pile of campaign money, however, that Yee won't be able to touch - the more than $30,000 he got from a half-dozen contributors who turned out to be undercover FBI agents seeking to bribe Yee. Every big news story needs a catchy nugget to sum up what all the fuss is about - and for the city of San Bruno, it was the "love you" e-mail from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. executive Laura Doll to Carol Brown, chief of staff to California's top utilities regulator, Michael Peevey. The two-word message was culled from 7,000 e-mails by a team of lawyers and public relations experts who spent weeks looking for the image to hammer home the city's charge that the California Public Utilities Commission, under Peevey's leadership, is too close to the utility to be an effective watchdog.
Author: Phillip Matier And Andrew Ross
Posted: July 29, 2014, 11:04 pm
Supervisor John Avalos introduced a resolution Tuesday that would let the city install commemorative street plaques in front of 121 Amazon Ave., where Garcia lived with his parents until he was 5, and 87 Harrington St., where he and his brother lived with their grandparents after his father's accidental death. The resolution is chock full of amazing historical facts about Garcia - whom it calls "a reluctant cultural icon of psychedelic music and the hippie movement that helped define San Francisco in the 1960s" - including quotes from Hunter S. Thompson and Bob Dylan and references to the Acid Tests, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, the Wall of Sound speaker system and the UC Santa Cruz Grateful Dead Archive. The resolution, which will be considered by the Board of Supervisors in September, directs the Department of Public Works to complete the process for reviewing and permitting the installation of plaques outside Garcia's homes and place those addresses on the city's official list of commemorative sites. Assurance Wireless, which began issuing no-cost cell phones to low-income Californians last year as part of the federally funded Lifeline effort, this month expanded its program to include unlimited voice minutes and texts. The change is crucial. [...] the program capped service at 250 talk minutes and 250 texts a month - but for anyone looking for a job or trying to connect with family or friends in desperation, as often happens in the street, those minutes and texts run out fast.
Posted: July 29, 2014, 11:04 pm
Awad is among the homeless who've taken up residence in the city's industrial area after shuffling from one transient camp to the next as authorities periodically clear out the accumulated shopping carts, tents, broken bicycles and other items. Awad and his fellow campers seem content at Second and Jones, but neighbors and merchants in the area say they're frustrated with government policies that just seem to relocate homeless camps, rather than address the root causes. Social workers and outreach staff from both cities have been offering shelter space, drug rehabilitation, mental health services, meals and other incentives to the homeless for months, with some success. Berkeley, long a hub of the East Bay's homeless population, has no policy regarding homeless camps but addresses each individually based on complaints, crime, public health and other factors, officials said. Police officers regularly visit the camps, especially those in the parks, to check on conditions, said Jennifer Coats, a Berkeley police spokeswoman. Some live in elaborate lean-tos, some have created cave-like shelters between piles of gravel, and others live in cars or RVs.
Author: Carolyn Jones
Posted: July 29, 2014, 11:03 pm
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Posted: July 29, 2014, 4:50 am
Supervisor Eric Mar will introduce the Retail Workers Bill of Rights, which would require the approximately 1,250 retail chain stores in San Francisco to offer additional hours of work to part-time employees before hiring new workers; to pay employees for four hours if they are on call or if a shift is canceled with less than 24 hours notice; and not to discriminate against part-time employees in areas such pay and promotion opportunities. Another piece of legislation slated for introduction Tuesday attempts to strike some balance between rising real estate prices and the preservation of small businesses by limiting the amount of space that can be transformed into offices at historically industrial buildings. RREEF, the owner of that building, tried to have it designated a historic landmark, which under city law would have allowed it to change its zoning from what is called PDR - production, distribution and repair - to traditional office space, clearing the way for Pinterest to move in. Water recyclingThe hearing will also let officials at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission talk about the recycled water projects it is already undertaking, and allow other city departments to highlight the changes they have made in light of the drought, he said.
Author: By Marisa Lagos
Posted: July 29, 2014, 12:45 am

Things to do in San Francisco

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